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Comment puis-je être payé par l'intermédiaire de Klarna ?

All well and good, such a payment provider. But how do you, as a retailer, get paid? And when actually? Here you will find the answers.

When can I expect the payout?

Klarna pays out weekly, on Wednesdays. Depending on your bank, the amount will be in your account on Wednesday or Thursday. This has to do with the processing time of your bank. Please note: only transactions with the status "completed" will be included in the next payout. So make sure that you always collect amounts when you send an order to your customer. Amounts collected by 11:59 pm on Tuesday will be included in the next day's payout. The new round starts at 00:00. Klarna is not yet well known in all countries, they are active in the Netherlands, Germany, Finland and Austria. Payments from other countries are paid one day later.

How can I capture amounts?

Once you have sent or shipped the package to your customer, it is time to capture your money. This is very simple. After changing the order status, you immediately have the option to collect the amount. The amount will then be included in the next possible payout.

What happens if I forget to capture an amount?

If an amount has not yet been captured before 11:59 pm on Tuesday evening, it cannot be included in the payment for that week. But don't worry, you can still capture it afterwards! Then click on the button with the text 'capture'. Then it will simply be paid out in the next round :) In the meantime you are still assured of your income. Customer happy, you happy!

Let op!

Klarna orders must be captured within 180 days. After that, the order can no longer be captured. Do you often work with pre-orders or reservations, where the reservation date is more than 180 days (about six months) ahead? Then Klarna may not be the most suitable payment option. After 180 days the order can no longer be captured and you will have to cancel the order. After all, your customer may have already paid for the order in the meantime, but because you have not captured the order, you will not receive your money.

Where can I see what has already been paid out?

An overview is generated every week on the Wednesday of payment. Go to Online ordering / Klarna payouts to view this overview. Here you can see all payments per week, including the overviews that were previously paid. You can see at a glance which credit(s) you can expect on your account. Ka-ching! By clicking on the reference of a payout you will see the details. In it you can see which transactions and orders belong to this payment, and which part was, for example, return payments or costs. You can also export an overview of all these transactions here, at the top of the page.

Klarna settlements

Do you want to view the payout in a nice overview? Then download the .PDF settlement file. You'll find the option to download the file on the far right after each payout. In the settlement file you can see in 1 overview how much Klarna you have paid out and how much has been withheld. Handy for your accounting!

Do you prefer to see these types of overviews in Excel? Then download the .csv file!


What do the terms mean for payouts?

In the overview you will see four terms. Sales, Deductions, Returns and Payouts.

Payout: this is the amount that is actually paid out on your account. The costs and return amounts are already from this;
Sales: this is the sum of amounts that customers have paid in your shop, ie the order value;
Deductions: these are the transaction costs that Klarna charges, a percentage of the order value;
Returns: these are the amounts that you have refunded to your customer.

I see multiple overviews, what about that?

At Online ordering / Klarna payouts you will find a maximum of 5 statements per week, depending on the countries where you have had sales. Klarna distinguishes between four countries, namely the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Finland. Payments from other countries are listed together in a separate overview.