Les clients peuvent-ils payer avec iDEAL et retirer leur commande ?

Mis à jour le : 18 décembre 2020

By default, customers who want to collect their order cannot pay with iDEAL, because ‘payment upon collection’ is a separate payment method, just like iDEAL. However, the settings below give customers the possibility to choose between shipping and collecting.

  • You can disable the payment method ‘Payment upon collection’ in the list of payment methods.
  • In the ‘Shipping options’ enable the option ‘Calculate shipping costs per country based on the rates table below’.
  • Create two countries. Label one ‘Collect’ and the other ‘Ship’.
  • You can enter shipping costs for the country ‘Ship’ and delete any shipping costs that may have been entered for ‘Collect’.
  • Replace the text ‘Send in’ with ‘Collect or ship?’ under ‘Standard texts/Order process: Shopping cart’.

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