Comment fonctionne le tri des produits ?

Available from MyOnlineStore PRO With product sorting, your customer can determine the order of your products. Price from low to high? That's possible. Alphabetical order? No problem. This feature makes it even easier for your customers to navigate through your products. The product sorting is therefore an asset to your webshop.

An example of product sorting

How to set product sorting?

It's quite simple to set product sorting. You go to the following location: Settings / Design / Product settings / Product sorting. Here you can activate the sorting. Then click save at the bottom of the page. Your visitors will now find the sorting options at the top of every product overview.

How to make changes to the terms?

Are you not completely satisfied with the terms we have chosen for each sorting option? That is not a problem at all. You can adjust them yourself! You can do this by going to the following location: Settings / Default texts / Section: Products. Here you can change the terms.

Popularity doesn't actually sort the products by popularity, but by the standard order that you use as a merchant