Comment puis-je exporter mes commandes ?

Available up to Myonlinestore PRO Good order registration is half the battle! It makes your tax return a lot more manageable, so get started with it ;-) You can use an accounting program for your financial administration, hire an accountant, or get started with a spreadsheet program such as Excel.


In your backoffice you will always find an up-to-date order overview that you can use to get started. Go to the menu Orders. At the top of your order overview, click the black button "Export order overview". You can now determine for which period you want the data and which statuses you want to include in your overview. At "Order type" you determine whether you want to make an export of all orders or only active or archived orders. At "Order status" you indicate which statuses you want to include in the overview.

Export the orders with a specific status or from a specific period


Include all types and statuses in your export. You can then always apply filters in your spreadsheet

Accounting in Excel

Are you handy with spreadsheets and do you not (yet) have an accounting package in mind? Then you can use the export file to do your financial administration in Excel. Especially if you are just starting your shop, an Excel file with tabs for purchasing, sales and the differences can form a good basis.


For those who are not such a hero with spreadsheets, there are various handy accounting packages. Various accounting packages have a link with Myonlinestore, so that your orders are collected automatically and processed in the software. You can then always use the order export to list the data of your customers.